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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
It is a worthy thing to try however, the only way to test the theory would be to take a green drake of some other odd ball imitation which generally won't work, and try it to see if it will work.
You guys are taking it in a completely different direction and I think are missing the point...

The idea is NOT to go out there and try to fool a trout with a green drake or other 'odd ball imitation' but instead to simulate a hatch that is currently in cycle. Heck, I don't even fish a green drake and yet there are rare hatches of drakes in the mountains. It is just not worth the effort and it is best to concentrate on stronger patterns. For instance, say quill gordons have been hatching recently but don't happen to come out when you are on the water. With the right timing and technique you can get the trout in a run coming up and taking your quill gordon dry consistently if you know what you are doing, even without a 'hatch' going on...

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