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Originally Posted by g022271 View Post
Sounds like a plan to me. I will volunteer to bring a few of my dutchovens to make cornbread and desserts if that sounds good to anyone. I wouldn't be able to take part until after June 8th as I will be out of town from this Sunday tll then.
I would love to have your dutchovens in on the deal if possible...

Is this something people would want to wait till June to try?
I was thinking maybe before things got too hot and there was still some good fishing, if we decided to go that way...

I know I checked Elkmont and they are pretty booked the month of June. One thing I was thinking of was the Memorial Day weekend. I have off on Monday so there is another possibility for that Sunday if others are free as well. It was mentioned to maybe avoid places like Elkmont but other than keeping your food and coolers in the car, I have never had any issues but maybe others have? Also, I am not too familiar with the other local National Forests and where to go and what the water would be like so some of you other members need to chime in here regarding suggestions...

Tight Lines,
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