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Originally Posted by Waterborn View Post
I can see WW point...cause if you are already throwing a bug that's in season and the fish are already tuned onto it, are you really forcing an untimely response from the fish to deviate from its normal behavior? If its taking a bunch of cast for the fish to take a fly that is already in season, seems to me it could be more about getting the presentation right.
In the park, I think the fish are a bit more opportunistic and would eat most buggy looking flies if presented right, year around, hatch or not. I don't know if its forcing a hatch for them as much as its - "hey it looks food and acts like food, might be food-get it before its gone" I think that's why general/generic patterns and attractor patterns works so well.
Exactly, that's part of the whole point and I totally agree with you 100%... Just trying to make it clear that it was never mentioned anywhere that someone can take something completely foreign and try to fool, trick, convince a trout to think that magically there is some hatch going on that is out of the norm... I think words were added along the way and it became something it wasn't. And I know the mountains and the tailwaters are two different environments. All that was ever implied was that even if there are not any hatches coming off, you can still successfully catch trout on dry flies and mimicking a 'hatch' is a good technique to get them fired up and coming to the surface. That was all...

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