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I have not fished Colorado much, but have fished a good bit in MT, WY, ID and some in WA and CA. Small stream Smoky Mountain trout tactics work just as well on trout out there. Western streams as a general rule have higher carrying capacity than Appalachian streams, mostly due to higher buffering capacity of the water and the fact that they flow over more mineral rich beds. As a result, they seem to hold more numbers and biggers sizes of fish. There are exceptions of course. Our tailwaters even the playing field somewhat though. I don't know of any Western Rivers that have more big browns than the South Holston, White and Norfork rivers. As for fishing being easier, I really think that is a function of fishing pressure. I have fished a lot of small streams Out West that get virtually no fishing pressure. They are very easy to catch fish on. Similarly, I have fished backcountry stretches of Appalachian streams that get little pressure and they are just about as easy to catch fish on.
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