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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post

We all have different things that make for an enjoyable outing. None are wrong as long as they don't interfere with others.

Fish what and how makes you happy, and forget the rest.
I completely agree and I am just fortunate to be able to get on the water. Most people find my fishing style odd. I enjoy telling trout what I want them to eat. It does reduce the numbers; be feeds the soul.

I apologize for the alluding to the drinking comment. I usually see the worst posts out of good people when they are inebriated-not that you were when you posted. Unfortunately; I have made a few of them as well and I try to use it as a reminder to be a better person to others and the world.

Now, I hope everyone gets to go out and trick some trout and have a safe fishing experience.

Originally Posted by tnflyfisher View Post
I could be wrong but I think we are on the same page here...
Maybe I need to come fish the Clinch with you and we can bombard those trout with an arsenal of dry flies...
I am booked solid for fishing the next 2-weeks for some serious fishing. However; shoot me an email and I will add you to my contact list for future fishing outings if you really want to fish with me...

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