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Originally Posted by kytroutman View Post
Flat Fly N, does the Fishpond vest have the velcro closure pocket? Also, I would never use WD-40 on any of my firearms. It's a penetrant, not just a lubricant, and prolonged exposure can damage the bluing and it's been reported that WD-40 can actually neutralize the primers on certain ammo. Just my two cents worth, but nothing but Hoppes on mine and also the recommendation of my gunsmith buddies.
No the Fishpond is a zippered vertical entry next to the body. It's one of the 700(just kidding) comparments on the Wasatch vest.

I don't leave the WD40 (water displacement formula #40) ON the gun more than 2 minutes before I blow it off with an air compressor. I then re-oil, with an oil like Break-Free. Trust me, I have this down as I have taken a drink in a tailwater from time to time. PS...this was recommended to me when I called the guys at Predator Shop, and they apparently do this either in WD40 or mineral spirits after they do all this competition water shoots etc. I figured they would know website
I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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