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Default 05/11 Fishin' in the Park

Decided to visit another small stream in the park on Friday (because that beats work any day)

I got out on the trail at about 11:30 and after hiking for about an hour, I reached my destination

Even though it was around noon, the dense trees and surround ridge lines made some areas quite dark

The terrain is quite rough and using the stream as my trail for the most part, however in one area where the bank was open enough to walk, I nearly stepped on this guy:

Some of this stream is covered with lots of blow downs and fallen trees:

And the further up I went, the more of a gorge the stream became, and the banks were high above the stream on both sides:

The stream was mixture of large and small plunge pools, segmented by various sized cascades and waterfalls:

And the fishing wasn't too bad either, mainly smaller rainbows caught between 3-6":

But by the end of the day, I had a full creel, 3- 7 inchers, 1- 9 incher, and 1- 10 incher:

Which I stuffed with chopped garlic, green onion (wish I had some ramps) a sprig of thyme and wrapped in bacon and grilled *(sorry no pic)*

But here are some fish guts:

There wasn't anything particularly peculiar, noteworthy, or strange in their stomachs...

Can't wait to go back!
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