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Default Large Park rainbows

If you want to see what a 22 inch rainbow taken from Abrams Creek looks like there is one on the opening page of my website. My wife and I were fishing there about 7-8 years ago and I caught this female that was spawned out and looked a little skinny for her size. Look at the color and the fins as she is laid out just below my fly rod. I cropped the picture years ago but her tail was even with the rod butt and her head reaches on out for a distance beyond the grip. She was one of the best colored fish that I have ever seen. She is just one of many in the 18-20inch plus range that Abrams Creek has given up. Let's hope that the fish have recovered back to something close to that size since the drought damaged the streams on the Tennessee side.
Scroll down some to a brown and a rainbow side by side and click on the image to enlarge.


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