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Default Rocky Mtns

Was able to sneak away for a day and a half of fishing in RMNP. Got into town on Sunday (Estes Park) and it was cold and rainy but I still headed out and was promptly skunked. But still the experience was pleasant. Hard to argue with this, trout ot no trout.

The next day I got up and decided to hike in a little. I headed up Fern Lake Trail to acces Roaring Creek. On the way I got to an overlook of the alluvial fan that the creek flows into.

A little further and I got into Roaring Creek.

It was cold.

Second cast I got this little guy.

And that was it. I had a couple more subtle hits and had one on for a few secs but I couldn't get them in.

So after about 4 hoiurs I headed back down. I intended to call it a day. Well when I was looking at the alluvial fan on the way back down, I decided to take advantage. I mean when would I get another chance to get out here.

So I headed out through the meadow to this.

I had a dry dropper on and pretty quickly I got a rise on the dry but missed. So I cut the dropper off. A little later I got this little brown.

Well after that I knew I had to get bacvk to Denver so I headed out. Wish the weather was a little warmer. You could sense that the fishing is about to really get good up there in the high country.

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