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Originally Posted by yonder View Post
......just hang the waders or start tying flies on the picnic table, and you are sure to draw a crowd!!!
Or carry a fly rod tube through an airport...

My favorite backcountry meeting was about three years ago. I was hiking up the upper Deep Creek Trail above CS#53 and I see a very attractive young lady come around a bend (as she was coming down the trail) with a day pack and a fly rod. As I got to within 100 yards of her she stopped as if she was waiting for me to pass by her. But when I got within 50 yards of her I was aware of another voice cussing and gasping, and the distinct smell of cigarette smoke. Since I saw that she wasn't smoking (or cussing) and I doubted she was waiting for me...I realized that there was someone around the other side of the bend.

I rounded the corner and saw what looked like the backcountry version of Jabba the Hut. The guy had to weigh well over 350lbs. He was sitting on a rock with two huge backpacks strapped to him (each not less than 75 pounds, as well) . He then had all assortment of Beverly Hillbilly style attachments with all sorts of camping implements bungeed to the packs and/or his body. He was cussing, panting, sweating profusely and chain smoking. He was bigger around then he was tall and the effect of him sitting on the rock only added to the Jabba-esque quality of him.

He wanted to know how much farther it was down to CS#53 and when I told him it was about 2 miles, I thought he was going to die on the spot...They were only going to stay for two nights and then hike back up...right...

I envisioned him acting like Bill Bryson's friend Katz and chucking stuff out of his pack and off his body in a maniacal frenzy, as I walked away...

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