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Originally Posted by No Hackle View Post
I always fish 2 nymphs. One larger and a smaller one so that way you cover more bases. You dont have to limit your self to one size. You'll get a better drift with 2 anyway. Hope this helps. One more thing if you do go with a 2 fly set-up with an indicator open up your cast. Dont throw a tight loop as you would a dry. Less tangles,although they will happen.
Lynn, sorry I missed you at troutfest. I wanted to get your take on the double nymph rig for deep runs. I usually fish a heavily weighted #8 about 18-24" under an indicator and then an unweighted or lightly weighted #12 about 12" under that. I like the unweighted nymph because it flails around a lot and doesn't seem to grab the rocks like a heavy nymph does.

What is your take on this, if you don't mind.
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