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Originally Posted by William View Post
Went out today (Friday) from around 11-3:30. I was surprised how few people were on the Clinch today.

Was throwing sulphurs with no luck...the trout were rising but wouldn't give them a second look for the most part. My brother hooked one early on, but after that we had no luck. We tried a few different sizes and color variations with no luck.
*Will, you were fishing in a hot part of the day and most fish will move to the bottom and conserve resources until it cools off & dissolved oxygen increases. You can use split shot on your leader to target them; but, you really have to focus on seams to get them take.

Pay close attention and see if they are rising to sulphurs. That is; there should be sulphurs hatching and you seeing takes....They may be eating midges and black flies in the film. If you see what looks like sprinkles from rain on the water; then you are seeing black flies and midges emerging. If you confirm a sulphur; use repetitive reach casts and twitch your fly once and a while to simulate a struggling sulphur. Otherwise; float black fly patterns with cdc or poly puffs in to the rises....

Dry Tip: I like to dry Gink my fly wings and wet Gink my tippet to ensure it does not float next to the fly and reflect on top of the water.
Be careful not to get on hands and slide the tippet around the nozzle to do this cleanly.
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