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Cody,I'll adjust as I go. Although I don't adjust as much as I should with weight. I try first to adjust my cast. I really use a tuck cast alot. I will stop my rod sooner so the fly enters the water first and if you check sooner the fly will enter the water way before the flyline. I really like un-weighted flies they seem to have more movement. This wont work in the park as much as it does on tailwaters. In the Smokys weight is your friend and so is your actual casting. On tailwaters I feel mending is a real factor.
Also if you use 2 flies try putting your weight in between your flies not just a head of your point fly. This really balances your rig more for that bottom role. you will loose flies. Thats part of it. A guy once told me if you have an average presentstion you'll only catch average trout. If you get it where it belongs and that's on the bottom. you''ll not only catch average trout but the big boys too.
If you want to go sometime let me know. I'm in Maryville 865-228-3750 cell
PS- As far as deep runs are concerned some times I'll have 2 heavily weighted flies along with 2 BB weughts between the two and 2 ahead of the point. It stinks to cast so pick your spots.

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