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You got me beat, but I've got one close. Years ago I was going to fly out with a couple friends to fish Silver Creek and the Henry's Fork in Idaho. I happened to run into the lady that ran the mail dept at work. Bennie D--- was an avid hunter and angler, so I told her where I was going the next day. She said she had an ex husband somewhere in Idaho, but did not recall the name of the little town. I knew she and her husband had both worked for the TWRA at one time. I asked her what his name was and she said Travis D---. I told her that if I ran into him I would say Bennie says hello. Next afternoon found me putting on my waders in the parking lot at the cabin at Silver Creek. My buddies struck up a conversation with a couple guys leaving the stream. I heard one of my friends say that he saw from the TWRA sticker that the guys were originally from TN. I thought maybe the guy knew Travis D---, so I asked him if he knew Travis D---. His eyes got real big and he said: "I am Travis D---. I said "Bennie says hello". What are the odds on that one.
"Here fishy fishy."
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