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Smile Great Story

About 15 years ago, I also had a strange happening in Joyce Kilmer.

I was on a backpacking trip with my friend Denise. We were camping at Bob's Bald and then would meet some friends at the big trees the next day, and they would camp anopther night with us and shuttle us back. We ran into a group of several Europeans, and I pointed them towards the spring at the Bald since they couldn't find it. We finished our trip just fine (minus Jenkins Meadow trail).

Two weeks later I was backpacking with my buddies Vince, Mike, and their friend from Ohio and we were in Slickrock creek. After hiking several miles we ran into a beautiful woman who was one of the Europeans I had seen 2 weeks earlier. She proceeded to tell us of a copperhead that was right ahead. When I questioned her she said she had been in the wilderness since I saw her the first time.

It's really cool the people you run into. Thanks for sharing, and hopefully Jay B's kids will have a pic of that big brown you were chasing if they post a report (hint hint)
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