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The next morning, I woke up early before everyone, and went off to go fishing. I just worked the short section up between camp and the falls. The trip was more about family time than fishing, but I had to get a little in. I managed two browns, both 10", which were nice fights on the 3wt. The second one I caught in the tail of the pool below the falls, and for some reason he didn't want to swim off when I released him, so I kept him.

Since we weren't going anywhere, I made a huge breakfast of cheese biscuits with gravy, pancakes, and that brown trout was SOOO good mixed in with the gravy and biscuits.

Jack and I did try some fishing downstream from camp that evening, but neither of us had any luck that round. Didn't matter though, it was still a great time rock hopping up and down the streams, sharing pools, and watching my boy cast to that rock a hundred times refusing to leave because he "just knows there's one hiding on the other side of it." I didn't have the heart to tell him he'd probably spooked the fish to death by now.

Finally Monday morning had arrived, and still none of the boys were ready to go, but we had to. We packed up camp, headed back across the creek, and up Big Fat Gap. The trail was surprisingly easy, but I think all of our expectations of "easy vs hard" trails have been raised since doing the upper slickrock trail.

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