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Wicked Awesome! (A Maine thing to say)

I moved to Sevierville 2 years ago FROM MAINE!

Looks like your photos are from the RANGELEY AREA; not a place I fished very often.... perhaps a hundred times or so over 25 years. Mostly I fished the Kennebec River, the upper Penobscot West Branch, the Roach river in Kakajo and the ponds of the Moosehead Region.

The East Outlet of Moosehead and below the BRASSAU (pronounced brass-way) dam are great for landlocks and brookies.

In Early July Maine Brookie ponds have huge hatches of giant mayflies... HEX. You will want to be there for this hatch.

The good thing about Maine is access to rivers; there is none of the "private property" crap like there is in TN... just fish! A law from 250 years ago makes access no problem.... . it's the right of the people to access water to fish through private property and the large paper companies who own so much land leave it open to the public.

A WORD OF WARNING BROTHER.... BE CAREFUL ON THOSE LOGGING ROADS... BIG TRUCKS ON WEEK DAYS AND ALSO WATCH OUT FOR DOWNED CHAINS AND CABLES! I have been stranded behind cables and chains so bring bolt cutters... essentially you may find that on a friday you enter a timber operation and go fishing.... on the way out they have chained you in for the weekend. This happened to me in 1984 when I first moved to Maine and it was in the Rangeley area.

If you want any intel on fishing (meaning fly) in Maine let me know.

NOW; since you are in Boston.... I would hope you are getting into some fly fishing for striped bass. If you don't get into them you are missing out on an awesome fishery....

Keep us posted. BTW... Evergreen Camps on the Kennebec in Solon Maine is very affordable, you can catch a grand-slam of landlocks, browns rainbows and brookies there in the same day.
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