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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
To clarify; I was not trying to imitate a spinner. Just using a spinner variation to help distinguish the fly's profile to the fish. I have not seen much bug action on the top half of the river the past few days. The dissolved oxygen I believe is increasingly low and it could be the reason the sulphurs are tapering off until very late evening or during steady rain showers. Noticed a big striper foraging above Miller's Island. That is a first for me to see one that far up in shallow water. I think he came up from coal creek to feed during a generation and found himself stuck. He sure had the trout moving.

Also; I am starting to find some larger fish dead. They look healthy and I have not noticed any indicators in their throats that could explain their demise. It could be stress from the low water and low DO that is taking them down...(?)

Has anyone fished the church late (7:30-9pm) for sulphur action? That has been the only time I have seen a decent hatch on the river this year....
We drifted from Miller to Peach today…..there were a few rises early, prior to and just after the rise in the river reaching Miller. I’ll just say that we didn’t fair too well. Couple of items to note:
1) There were no rises once we got past Miller.
2) There were a few mayflies coming off of the surface, but they were few and far between.
3) I’ve never seen so much algae in the river…..the generators kicked up a lot and I was having to clean my fly about every third to fifth cast.
4) To Shawn’s post….we saw two stripers heading upstream. The first was just below Massengill bridge, the second was just above the I-75 bridge. Unmistakable….both had the silver-blue look and they were both huge.
5) Spoke to a fella while we were taking out at Peach Orchard…..he had caught several while wading above the weir. I have a feeling that water temp may have something to do with it….he certainly did better than us.
While we didn’t fair too well, the weather was wonderful and it sure as heck beat sitting at home or doing yardwork!
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