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Corbo -
My wife and I are big fans of the Acadia area, but I've rarely had the chance to fish during our yearly trips because it was usually a family trip. Now that we are semi-empty nesters I will probably have a better shot of fishing within an hour or two of Ellsworth. One of the streams I would like to fish is the Narraguagus above Cherryfield (AS would be great but any fishing would be fine). But being unfamiliar with the private property issues in that area I have only scouted spots around overpasses.

One of the areas that really intrigued me was through the blueberry barrens in that area. There are all sorts of access points to the river, but you have to drive on private roads that are owned by the blueberry companies. Do you know if they ever allow access to the roads, to get to the stream in those sections?

I had planned on calling the blueberry farms (Jasper Wyman & Son) and seeing if they would allow me to access the stream, but I had no idea of whether they would or not.

Have any good contacts I can call? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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