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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Sorry Dude but my buddies and me sued the Feds many years ago to enforce the ESA so you cannot target AS on any downeast River. There are likely no AS left on the Narraguagus.
I had heard that about the Narraguagus and AS. I was actually interested in trout through that section. I heard somewhere that it was pretty good fishing for Brookies and since its so close to Acadia, it would be the easiest to get to.

I have fished in a few places on Acadia and I agree, they are very marginal. I've also been up to the Moosehead region a few times, but its 2-3 hrs away and the times of the year we get up there (late may through late june: before tourist season on Acadia), the blackflies are thick as peanut butter...

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