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Lots of misinformation here regarding wooden driftboats. I built one from a Tatman kit 14 years ago. It still has the original paint and varnish. The biggest misconception is a woodie owner is constantly sanding and varnishing. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you take care of the will last. UV rays and moisture are its downfall. I let mine sit in the driveway for a day following a trip. Once it's dry I roll it in the garage. There are woodies out there that are 50+ years old.

As far as durability.....I have a plastic UHMP "shoe" on the bottom of my boat. I laugh as I drift over algae-covered rocks that have pieces of white gel coat on them. My boat slides right over the rocks. In fact....I can drag it down the boat ramp if needed.

Here's a photo of a launch at the Blue Ridge Dam (Taccoa River). It slides right over the rock rip-rap. I've seen fiberglass owners laying down carpet and rubber mats. I even saw one guy breaking the big rocks into smaller ones with a sledge hammer.

I guess what I'm saying is to a wooden boat owner if that is what you are interested in.

Try this website:
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