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Originally Posted by mstone View Post
I noticed the water was off color a bit on Sunday. When the generators came on, it really got off color. I have not spent enough time on the river at full generation to know whether or not that is normal. Does full generation color the water up that much or was it due to the earlier rain upstream? We floated Peach Orchard to 61 bridge in the new boat on Sunday. Caught decent numbers and a few good fish, but once the water got up. it was over. Still, a very nice day.
I think we chatted Sunday(?) I was in the blue/aluminum boat with a friend.

Coal Creek was still running cloudy Sunday and dumping sediment in the river. Also; it was very nasty Saturday and I expect most of that sediment just piled up below I-75 Bridge with the low flows. I notice that the pulses and short generations are not clearing the river and our basically just re-floating the sediment.

You can notice this action by watching the deeper holes behind shoals. They are normally clear and dark. However; they have been collecting sediment and appear lighter right now. Also; the fish seem to have moved from these key feeding lies to above them and at the bottom of tail-outs.

This is bad for the bug activity and I suspect it has hindered the sulphur hatches. However; it does allow you to present your flies a bit more stealthy.
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