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Originally Posted by Drifter View Post

Lots of misinformation here regarding wooden driftboats. I built one from a Tatman kit 14 years ago. It still has the original paint and varnish. The biggest misconception is a woodie owner is constantly sanding and varnishing. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you take care of the will last. UV rays and moisture are its downfall. I let mine sit in the driveway for a day following a trip. Once it's dry I roll it in the garage. There are woodies out there that are 50+ years old.

As far as durability.....I have a plastic UHMP "shoe" on the bottom of my boat. I laugh as I drift over algae-covered rocks that have pieces of white gel coat on them. My boat slides right over the rocks. In fact....I can drag it down the boat ramp if needed.

Here's a photo of a launch at the Blue Ridge Dam (Taccoa River). It slides right over the rock rip-rap. I've seen fiberglass owners laying down carpet and rubber mats. I even saw one guy breaking the big rocks into smaller ones with a sledge hammer.

I guess what I'm saying is to a wooden boat owner if that is what you are interested in.
Awesome, that is how a boat is meant to be used. As a tool and not a hindrance.

Originally Posted by mstone View Post
Just bought a Montana Boatbulders wooden skiff. The bottom on this boat is plascore covered with a Linex coating that seems to be bomb proof. Even though it won't see the upper Hiwassee, I'm not scared to bump rocks with it. Keeping it covered when not in use is the ticket as the sun will not help anything.
I believe I saw you in your boat Sunday. That was a very good looking boat.
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