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Peach Orchard.....the fish are keyed into the Ephemerella hatch that's been going on this past 6 weeks....they could care less about a french fry MIDGE going by when the double decker with cheese is going by...NYMPH or Dun of the Sulphur. Later as the sulphurs peter out then it's back to the same old midge, scud, rock worm, sowbug, cranefly, snails,etc, etc standard fare for them.

Weir to Norris......midge fest year round. With isopodas SCUDS/Sowbugs thrown in for good measure..Why? The water is too cold IMO for a mayfly to exist that close to the dam. I have NEVER seen a mayfly above the weir since 1986. So save your PTNs until you hit Miller's and below.
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