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Nice report!
I had wanted to finally make it over to the Carolina side of the park this spring and yet here we are into June already...

Originally Posted by wmwalker View Post
I noticed that you have the TFO 9 foot 4wt rod. How do you like it? I am thinking about getting one to use on some small local creeks and back area locations. I have a TFO 9 foot 2wt but wanted something a little heavier. My fly shop person wants me to get the BVK model instead of the Pro series.
I have the Pro 4wt. as well and have fished it ever since it first came out years ago. It has landed hundreds of fish over the years all without issue and is one of the best in the Pro series IMHO. Having now owned and fished other rods, it doesn't get much use these days but can still get the job done. I actually fish with longer rods in the park and if I didn't also have a much lighter custom TFO Finesse 4wt. I would still probably use the Pro. I definitely notice the difference when I highstick all afternoon with the Pro vs. the Finesse.
I'm assuming you mean that you have the 8' 2wt. which I also have and is a fun rod. That rod can easily throw a 4wt. or even 5wt. line if necessary so it's actually not much of a true 2wt. If you haven't already done so, I would recommend looking at the Finesse 8'9" 3wt. 4wt. or even 5wt. All are very nice trout rods for smaller streams and rivers. However, if you still want tailwater capability as well and are on a budget, it's hard to beat the 9' 4wt. Pro. Just my .02

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