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When Marshall first started fly fishing he drove me crazy with his enthusiasm; we became fast friends and he DID fish an 8 weight that someone "custom made" for him.... he would get pissed off at me when I caught too many fish! Finally he broke down and got a lighter rod.

I remember one day when a bunch of us were meeting a brookie pond to fish the late afternoon midge hatch and Marshall insisted I tie on a "new" fly he created (geez do I hate getting flies from newbies) and as he would not get over it I tied it on my point.... It was ugly and poorly made (he didn't tie anything to pattern but created stuff from materials he could scrounge)... well first cast a huge brookie hit it and broke me off... I was pleased as he didn't have another for me to tie on.

Marshall lives in Florida year round but sometimes ventures north to see his grand-kids. I will try to find his web-site for you later.

Mike & Linda now spend a lot of time up at the North-woods camp on a brookie pond; they have been chained to the store for so many years and unabble to go very often... it is for the most part very remote with water access only or by snowmobile in the winter.

Compare to TN rivers the Kennebec is virtually UN-STOCKED; the river above Solon is not stocked at all... the fish density is very low. The area near Mike's fly shop at Shawmut Tailwater was one of the best fisheries for HUGE browns until about four years ago when it totally collapsed... nobody knows why for certain but it killed traffic to FFO so Mike retired... he still owns the building though if you want to open a shop in Maine.

I really miss the Kennebec.... it's a long story... perhaps WE fish it together some time after I am rich again and can afford to travel home.
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