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Default Weekly Tying Challenge

I had an idea that is similar to things I have seen on other forums and would like some feedback. How many people would be interested in participating in a weekly tying challenge?

Here's my idea. At the beginning of the week, a particular fly pattern or style would be announced with the goal of having as many people as possible tying the pattern or their favorite variation and posting a picture. The goal would be twofold. First, It would be a good motivator to get to the tying bench and crank out some patterns. Second, it would be a great opportunity to see what works for different people and hopefully get some ideas of new things to try. The timeframe would be weekly so as to give people plenty of time to participate.

I know there are some excellent tiers on this board whose contributions would allow the rest of us to learn tremendously about the art of tying.

How many people would be interested in something like this?
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