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Originally Posted by Mundele View Post
Nice! What colors work best, or does it even matter?
I've only been using these for a very short time period. Wade Blevins sent me some samples to try out a couple of months ago. His father is the originator of the pattern. Wade would have a lot more experience fishing them than me , so maybe he will add an info. I think that yellow is probably the best all around color for bream but the chart green is a close second for me. I like the black when the water is off color. Wade sent me one in a brown color also that would represent a late season hopper maybe. its a good time to be fishing these while the fish are bedding. Make sure if you tie some of these in dark colors to add the sight post. they sit low in the water and can be hard to see at any distance over about 20-30 ft, especially if in shady areas.

Thanks Lynn!
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