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In the area of #39 you will catch a mixture of Bows/Brookies. the further you go up any of the streams in the area, the fewer Bows you will catch. Below 39, there may be some browns in the mix too, although I don't know how far down (like all the way to the frontcountry site or what).

71 is the CCC site with the big chimney. Around 71 it should be a mix of browns and Bows, go up to 70 and above and you may start reaching the brookies, I know the brookies are above 69.

If I personally were doing forney, I would be tempted to go up to 70 and stay there for two nights. The hike from 71 to 70 isn't very far or difficult and then you have the option of fishing below 70, above 70 up to 69 or even exploring up Jonas Creek if you want a little more less pressured water (although casting conditions will be much tighter)

Haven't been to 40 or 41 or Noland Creek so I'll defer to others on these sites.
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