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Default Mtn Laurel v. Rhododendron

I can't answer your first questions but I've wondered the same about your last question. When they aren't flowering they look similar to me from a leaf perspective. The picture you took is of a Rhododendron Maximum or American Rhododendron (or also known as "Pete's fly stealers"...).

The flower of a Mtn Laurel looks like an umbrella ( and the Rhodo has five major petals. We also have Catawba Rhodos and probably a few other sub species.

The Mtn Laurel is a part of the blueberry family and Rhodos are part of the Heath family, closely related to Azaleas.

That's probably more than you wanted to know...or more than I should know...

Ok, here's a bit more. I just asked my wife about the other two and she says that the first one looks like a Trout Lily (that's an interesting coincidence... and that the second is Bee Balm (Monardo -

Now, I need to go have a beer, sharpen my axe and change my spark plugs...

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