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I've been through some pretty thick mountain laurel

While in many areas I would agree it's fairly docile - there are other places where it can be just as mean if not meaner than rhodo.

While Rhodo can make you clausterphobic, easily turned around, and often times swimming through it where you feet only touch the ground every 100 yards or so, and other times crawling on your belly or doing some mouse in a maze routine;Thick Larurel can be much more abrasive to the skin and has tighter spaced branches that can plain just hurt more

Most of the time you can easily spot the differences between Laurel & Rhodo just based on overall plant and leaf size.

I believe Earl Grey Tea is made from beabalm also - not that it has anything to do with fishing

Went fishing yesterday and the rhodo at the lower elevations was at full bloom
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