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Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
I've only been using these for a very short time period. Wade Blevins sent me some samples to try out a couple of months ago. His father is the originator of the pattern. Wade would have a lot more experience fishing them than me , so maybe he will add an info. I think that yellow is probably the best all around color for bream but the chart green is a close second for me. I like the black when the water is off color. Wade sent me one in a brown color also that would represent a late season hopper maybe. its a good time to be fishing these while the fish are bedding. Make sure if you tie some of these in dark colors to add the sight post. they sit low in the water and can be hard to see at any distance over about 20-30 ft, especially if in shady areas.

Thanks Lynn!
SPOT ON Gary! The bugs look good. Thanks for mentioning my Dad's creation. Too often it just get's called the one bug, which is fine and I am glad to see it out there on all the boards. The actual name for those that are interested is "Sam's One Bug". For the late Craig E. "Sam" Blevins Oct. 14, 1942-Oct. 19th, 2005. There was an article in the Fly Fishing and Tying Journal that included his L-Eye-Bee.

Yellow with Orange legs has consistently produced better for me and my dad over the years and was the original color pattern. Solid Orange a close second on deep clear water along bluffs. White is my personal favorite because I can change on the fly quickly with Prismacolor markers. If I see a pattern (hoppers, cicadas, wasps, dragon flys, etc...) I can mark accordingly. I have done well with chartreuse in the past in the early spring. I also have a grey/white/black marble mix that is deadly with yellow or orange legs but have very limited amount of foam in that color. Same with the tans and brown.

I like the dark colors in stained water or low light conditions as well but agree with a post for visibility. Especially during the witching hour. I've used everything from indicator yarn to flat foam and even small diameter livebody for the indicators.

I prefer a 3x strong 2x long size 6 round bend straight eye hook since I am often fishing for bass and bream. Tiemco usually holds up better but now days I use whatever I can find that is close. But the proportions on that 4x 8 look good. Just make sure the hook is extended away from the foam or the cut angle is 45 or more in order to have good hook ups. A light coating of clear liquid nails will help with durability but will also cause the foam to look "pastey" after 25-50 fish. best things is just to experiment on your local water. See what the fish prefer. I found lots of variations in the yellow colored foam from bright to almost a yellow maze corn color. Sometimes I will simply find a popper pattern I really like and imitate it in livebody. If the fish are just striking at the bug there is something wrong with the color or the combination of colors. Once you find a pattern that they like you will'll be digging the bugs out of their gullet. When it's "ON" you can't keep them away from it no matter how fast you move the bug and sometimes they will have it all the way down in their mouth. If you find that happening document it with pics or notes (color pattern, water temp, water color, time of year, fish species, location etc...) Trust me you will wish you had later. Let me know if I can answer any other questions about "Sam's One Bug", I will be happy to do so.

Thanks again Gary!
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