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Originally Posted by AL trout bum View Post
Thanks Gary! I am really digging that thunder thighs hopper. To create the two-tone foam, is there a "best" way to glue two foam sheets together?
I've tried superglues but now use the craft foam glue and find it works best. available at hobby lobby, joanns, michaels. Be sure to spread it ,thin like butter on toast!, and let it sit for 20 mins before pressing together. it will be tacky. I usually cut out the 2 colors I want to make and glue a 6" x 8" sections together, place a heavy book over it it and let dry overnight. do several color combos. I bought a hopper pattern cutter to punch out perfect bodies now but previously used a ruler and a razor blade to cut out 1/4" or 1/8" wide strips. The thunder thigh legs, I tried gluing two different colors together but found it is much easier to just cut out a lighter color and use a prismacolor marker to make the top edge darker. I use flexifloss for the legs, rubber legs tend to break when you tighten down on the knot when tying onto the foam thighs.
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