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Default The Duck River and a Girl

My niece Abigail is 11 (or is she 10?) and wanted me to take her fishing. So, of course I loaded up my gear in the truck and picked her up Saturday morning. We loaded her bait casting rod up and off we went. It was a short drive of about an hour to the tailwater.

We started out about 500ft below the dam and started wading down river. I managed to catch a few stockers and one decent bow. She decided she wanted to try fly fishing and caught on right away! She was getting line out and hitting targets within a few minutes.

She even managed to get one on! We fished hard for about 4 hours and became tired and too hot as it was about 95 degrees today. We waded back up to the trail down the side of the river and headed home. It was so much fun watching her cast and getting that fish on. I think she may even come back

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