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Toxaway is private. Fairfield and Sapphire are resort lakes and require possession of an amenity card to use. Glenville has public access and has bream and bass. It's also a water ski lake so you'd have to get out early and get away from the public landings. Water is crystal clear so light line would be in order.

Before I went to the trouble to haul my canoe, I'd call the folks at Brookings. The guy you want to speak with is Matt Canter. They are good people.

One more area you might want to investigate is the Gorges State park. It's the newest park in the state and boundaries the Toxaway river. Water pours over the dam from Lake Toxaway so it's warm. There are smallmouth here. Again, water will be low so it may be maximum effort, minimal reward. You could check the river flow right from the highway at the huge falls.

Best of luck and enjoy your vacation.
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