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Fishing this stream was getting a bit discouraging with the super low water and super spooky fish. We bailed out of the stream and hiked a few miles over to fish the Baby Brook Trout Hatchery. The water was low there as well, but it was good to get back there, it's been a while since either of have fished this stream.

Thank God we left the hang gliders at home, I would hated to have hauled them upstream all day only to find out we could not fly them. biggrin:

Tell tale reminder of the old logging days.

I really, really hope this once belonged to a deer.

Even is super low water, the Baby Brook Trout Hatchery produced fairly well.

After arriving back at Oldman's house, he let me raid his garden before I headed home. Thanks again, brother. 8l8

It was a fun day and I am sore from all the boulder hopping and hiking. I do want to return when water levels are a tad better.
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