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Post Clinch River Report: [June] Wrap-Up

The Clinch has been fishing well for most of June. I am still seeing a few adult sulphurs hatch sporadically. Also; there have been some great small-black caddis hatches on the upper end of the river on cold mornings.

Water temps are consistent:
(My favorite temp. zone for fishing breaking out of their feeding lies is 55-60)
48-49 Deg. Upper Tailwater - until the fog burns off.
55 Mid-Tailwater
*Not sure about the lower end.

I have produced consistently on:
  • #18 black thread/copper wire midges with 3/32 gold tungsten beads
  • #16 Chimarra Caddis Larva [Simple Larva] (Honey Colored Body+Clear Rib Body, Auburn Head). Very similar to this pattern-
  • Just about any #14-16 wet fly
  • Of-course, streamers are fabulous during pulses and water movement.
*Some points to remember.
  • Small/Simple knots are key during slack-water presentation of small flies. I like to tie up several flies with tippet and put them in a leader wallet. Saves on time and helps by tying the knots at home.
  • Fluorocarbon Tippet earns its keep this time of year.
  • Limit false casts and extend your drifts. Also; slow drag your retrieve before recasting.
  • I have been fishing most of the time without indicators and using tight-lining to control the presentation. Also; I add a few slight bumps of the line (1-2") slight tugs to illustrate the midge swimming and to entice strikes.
  • If you are fishing shallow water ~1-2'; squat down in the water and present closer. It will open the fish up and keep them from getting edgy. You will notice a difference if you give this a solid try...
Hope this helps some of you have a more enjoyable experience on the water...
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