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Here are a couple of flies I tied up for this weeks theme. The first I will call the Lynn Camp Hare's Ear. Before that stream was closed, this variant of the GRHE was my go to nymph. It has given me some great days on upper LR as well. Only real difference from a standard GRHE is the light colored mallard back...

Hook: #16 TMC 3761
Thread: Tan 8/0
Tail: Hare guard hairs
Rib: Medium gold oval tinsel
Body: Hare's mask dubbing
Wing case: Mallard flank feather, natural white
Thorax: Hare's mask dubbing

Here's an experiment I just tied up. I love soft hackles and was thinking about different ways to do one with a bead head. Here's what happened...

Hook: #14 TMC 2487
Bead: 7/64 Bronze
Thread: Tan 8/0
Tail: Hare guard hairs
Rib: Krystal flash, color to suit
Body: Hare's mask dubbing (include a little in front of the bead
Hackle: Partridge

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