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Originally Posted by Bran View Post
A friend of a friend from Northern Michegan was staying in PF last week. My friend went out to see him and came back to tell me this story. The man is a wildlife biologist and he and his wife have the unusual hobby of snorkeling with cameras to film trout ( I suppose it may also be part of his job back home). In any event, he and his wife snorkeled LR for about 4 hours last week one day while my friend was with him. He hit some deeper holes and came back with footage of several different Browns, most of them under the banks/ rocks/ overhangs, that were over 20". He says he's going to show me some of the video when they get it downloaded but I thought that was pretty interesting.
I have just over 1,600 gbs of underwater video and found all of it entertaining and informative. During daylight hours; I see many large brown trout hiding under trees, root banks, and structure. I have learned to target them by fishing bass style and close up. However; they are still reluctant to move from their hiding spots until dusk. The odd thing I have noticed is the abundant number of browns facing downstream under coverage.
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