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Saturday in that 105 degree heat my son and I went up to Tremont to swim in a big shady pool up Thunderhead Prong. Not sure if it was because the air temp was so warm but the pool was absolutely freezing. Took us a good while to get used to the cold and get all the way in. We brought snorkels and went looking for trout. Saw about 6 bows in this massive pool and lots of small chubs. 5 of the bows were about 6 or 7 inches but then after swimming for an hour we saw a bigger bow in a deeper part of the pool. It was about 12 inches and a real beauty. Was fun to watch it. It stayed near the bottom and was spooked to some undercut rocks when we got close to it but after we would back off it would come back to the same area in a minute or two.
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