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Originally Posted by cockeye valdez View Post
Shawn, is this the traditional orange, yellow under body with brown head ? How do you fish it ? It appears that it would be effective in skinny water behind a dry fly.
I have been fishing it both deep and shallow (with small indicator). It seems like the best results come when it is extended downward and the fly has started to tail out and rise.

As for the color; I tend to go lighter on the body color and wrap with clear rib. Also; take a light brown marker and lightly brush areas of the body to make it look more natural. I just color my thread with a brown marker for tying the head. A good variation is to add a couple legs just behind the head.

If you have a fast flowing seam to fish; put some lead wrap or slip shot several feet above the fly and let it drift in the seem. Be patient and start at the top of the seam and slowly letting line out to work the length of the seam. Pull it back the same way. *This technique works great for those early morning starts on colder water and during the heat of the day when some of the larger fish have sat down.

  • I like to use these twiston sinkers to keep from snagging hydra every presentation.

  • Another great option is to using a sinking leader insert (5-6') between your fly line and leader. It works fabulous for presenting flies in seams when you are not using an indicator. They are usually closed looped and easy to install on the water. Also; they help with presenting light streamers as well.
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