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Default Officially speaking...

I would like to go on record. Contrary to many vicious rumors circuited by members of the Deep Dip Community Church in Del Rio where I once pastured, I have not killed every copperhead and rattlesnake I have ever encountered, or for that matter passed out to members of the congregation during Sunday night services. (The same is not true about water moccasins...). As a matter of fact, three years I released a 24" copperhead alive after I had deftly removed its fangs. (Forceps are handy dandy fishing vest gadgets.)
Many people recommend killing the murderous serpents on sight, and I would not be too quick to contemn their assertions. I personally believe that defanging these vipers is adequate, unless of course you are making a hat band or savor their flaky white meat, as then the demise of the belly crawling vermin is a active consideration. I do not know if the NPS issues rattler/copperhead permits any more, but the next time I am at the Sugarlands, I will ask. Itís always better to ask firstÖ
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