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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Those were caught with the water running about 1/2 a generator. They did not come on a fly, I honestly do not know that it is possible to land stripers that size on a fly rod in the Clinch. I have caught some big ones over the years on flies, but those are in an entirely different league. On conventional tackle they are an unbelievable handful.
I believe I know where this photo was taken. There have been a lot of stripers in that area this year. Also; I have noticed them in more areas than years previous. I stalked a school Wednesday trying to video them; but, the water was still too stained.

I agree that catching one on a fly seems super elusive. Especially for me. I have thrown about everything at them and only once had a slight chase. Not that I could have landed the fish; just wanted to give it a try...I saw several guys throwing 10-12" rapalas at them this week. I assume those are working well on low flows. The rest of the time; it seems that fisherman balloon float for them during high water.

Again, great catch and fabulous fish! I would like to land one to add to the bucket list.
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