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Sadly the only ones I have ever hooked on the fly in the Clinch were briefly "hooked" after eating a trout I was fighting. I have caught piles of them below Fort Loudon Dam on a fly, but nothing even close to that big. I think the biggest one I ever caught on a fly was around 20 lbs and on an 8 wt it was an absolute handful.

Both of those fish fought as visciously as any fish, fresh or saltwater I have caught. The shear power and speed they have is mind boggling. I personally think stripers are a magnificent game fish, but they need to be restricted to areas where Shad are prolific and they don't do massive damage to another sport fish population.

In full disclosure those came on live bait, sans balloon. The live bait of choice is a 10"-12" rainbow. Stocker rainbows don't work so well because they have a piss poor work eithic, you need to the fiesty ones. It sucks to kill trout to do this, but killing a few to save many makes it a little more tolerable.

Kill them all.
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