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Talking Congrats on the slam and thanks for a report

And it was nice to meet you

Considering it was your first time in the park, you are doing great, and are beyond most people starting off

Looks like I missed all the "Bear Fun"

Apparently an hour after I left a bear walked right by where my tent had been set up about 20 feet from Trey. He said that one just walked by completely ignoring him. He said the next day there were like 5 times bears came in. He said he had to throw rocks. While they were not acting hostile, they were WAY to comfortable than they should have been. I never carry a gun or spray, but told my buddy to bring his spray as this site and a couple on Hazel are about the only place you could ever dream of a bear problem. I asked him if he had to get his spray out. He said no, but said it was right in his pocket. This incident has also made him change from a really small bottle of pepper spray to one of those 30+ feet spray bottles. If you frequent 24 or lower Hazel sites tyou might consider doing the same.
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