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Lightbulb Mosquito Patterns

I have been working on some flies for my son to take to WY for a NOLS course he is going to attend. Most of the suggested patterns were ones that I already tie, or at least had tied at some time except the mosquito. I ended up trying about a half a dozen patterns but settled on these first two. I tried biot bodies, quill stem bodies, and one light and one dark moose hair body. I ended up liking the moose hair body, with the moose hair tail the best. I think it will be more durable and float better than a hackle tail fiber. Some had down wings and some have traditional upright hen tip wings. I ended up tying him a few of each.

Moose hair one light, one dark, up wing, moose tail

Down wing, moose hair one light, one dark, moose tail

Up wing, grizzly hackle stem body. The stem may be the most durable, but it just looked too dark and lacked segmentation.

Biot body, up wing

Down wing, one light one dark moose hair, hackle fiber tail
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