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Originally Posted by Bran View Post
That's an awesome report. Getting old sucks don't it? I'll hit 41 this year and I feel it when I try to hike those mountains for sure.
Your lake report sounds like an encounter I had with some folks at Sugarlands a couple of years ago. A father and son fishing there argued me down that there was a lake upstream feeding the MPLP! I quit arguing pretty quick, hey what's the harm if they wanna believe it.
Your as old as you want to be. Freddie is 59 and hikes faster and covers more ground than 80% of the people I hike with. My paddling buddy James Cornett is 67 and drops waterfalls and runs some pretty stout whitewater. I did a hike with SMHC and their was at least 6 people that kicked my butt going up the mountain who were in their late 50's through early 70's. I'm not saying you body doesn't fall to crap and some people are genetically better off, but how you view yourself is even more important

Jeff - Thanks for the report. Take a tip from Freddie - make the youngster rethread your fly - it might even up your count
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