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Unfortunatly as easy a target tubers are, its not just them, I was on Tremont this evening just plinking some pools. I was working my way up when I saw what I thought was a green popper in the water. It turned out to be a stike indicator, so I snagged thinking great recycle again and use for free. Later after crawling out and walking back down the gravel road, saw a receipt and package top for something. I was stunned when I saw it was purchased from our favorite store today and what time and persons name and address, and was for green strike indicators. I still have but will not call the person out, giving them benefit of doubt, (maybe had a heart attack and everything fell out of vest?), but was shocked that a fisherman (fly or not) would throw away right on the road. No way could have blown out of car or truck that section is still closed off! As hard as our local stores work to have a positive influence on the enviroment, once the purchased is made, it is up to us be stewards of the park, I would have been embarrassed for some member of the public or park crew to have found and said the inevitable statement "D*** fisherman!. Now help me off my soapbox and help me tie a nailknot!
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