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Thanks. The guy's brother I found out is a fly fisherman. He said he's going to have a couple dozen flies tied up that have been working for him.

I'm going to tie some midges and maybe some sulphurs just for grins.

It will be next Saturday the 21st. I'll check the website above first.

Since I've not fished that river before, what kind of flow/number of generators makes wading unsafe? I see on the historic chart there's about a 2' elevation rise in the river with 1 generator. If the river is at the edge with 0 then a 2' rise could be a very big deal. If it's fairly low with no generators running and it rises 2' not a huge deal I would assume.

Again, sorry for the rookie questions. I've fished tailwaters before but not this one. I just don't want to have my body wash up 50 miles downstream if I can avoid it.

I know watch the water levels and if it starts rising, get the heck out is always the safe bet. I usually pick a rock, or a stick or something at waters edge that I can keep an eye on. If it goes under or water gets close, it's time to leave.

Thanks again, any and all information is greatly appreciated.

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