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Spent a few hours below Millers Saturday morning. Got 2 on the line within 20 minutes which is usually a bad sign (for me).

First was a nice size rainbow that jumped 3-4 times before he broke me off at the tippet / leader connection. Next was a 8" brookie - nice color but he didn't put up hardly any fight. Tried to take a picture but my camera was set to video mode and by the time I changed it to stills the little dude wiggled free.

As the water finished coming down my luck dried up as well. Missed a few subtle takes but that was it.

Both fish came after I let the fly drift directly below me and had started to retrieve (thanks for the tip S. Madison). I was going without an indicator and struggled to keep a tight line whenever I fished up or across.

When I got back to the road there were 7 other cars parked in the clearing! Busy morning but everyone was kind enough to stay in their own area.

Coolest experience of the morning. As I was retrieving for the 1,000th time, a blue heron landed near the bank, took a couple steps and stabbed the water, coming up with a good size fish in his beak. Another heron flew down after him and he took off, fish dangling out his mouth the entire time.
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